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Connections Thursday

Hey there!

We’re back with another #ConnectionsThursday. In case you’re new here, let me explain a little. Since I have new followers, I’ve decided to go back through my backlist as #ThrowbackThursday and at the same time tell you where they’re connected in newer projects.

For today’s connection Thursday, I’m featuring my South African/Nigerian mix.
In the Christmas Ultimatum, Olanma hates Christmas but to get the interview of a lifetime she has to spend it with billionaire property developer Abayomi Rice in Cape Town.
The couple goes from a whirlwind romance to a fairytale wedding, to divorce court in under 5 years.
In the Final Ultimatum, Abayomi is not ready to let his wife go so he has one final card to play.

Abayomi appears again in To Breathe Again. If you haven’t read the Ultimatum series, you should.

‘Til next time.

Peace & Blessings.


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  1. I enjoy these! Keeps the novels fresh if it’s been awhile since you read. Thank you for sharing!

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