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Sample Sunday : You Can Preach To Me Next Time.

Happy Mother’s Day. Mothers, grandmothers and mother figures play a huge world in the U. N World. They are jewels which is also the same for mothers all over the world. For today’s sample, I’m featuring a unique duo, Tekena & his childhood nanny, Nana Rubi from To Breathe Again. Tekena still has a living mom but is closer to his Nana. Enjoy their banter as he waits for Isoken to text him back.

A couple more minutes went by and nothing. No response. He hated being ignored. It reminded him too much of his childhood. He went into the kitchen. He smiled when he saw Nana Rubi putting some food items away. Although the kitchen was already stocked, he needed things more aligned with the diet laid out by his trainer.
“It’s late, young lady. Shouldn’t you be home by now?”
She rinsed some fruit under the running tap. “I wanted to get these here today, so I can have them handy in the morning.”
He pulled out a stool near the island and sat. “You do know I can cook for myself.”
“I know. I also know you work so hard during the year. The only time I can take care of you is when you come home.”
Tekena grunted and looked at his phone again. He knew he couldn’t convince her otherwise, so he decided to save the fight for another time.
“You know what I want for Christmas?” She put the last fruit in the bowl and lifted a mango to him. He nodded and she retrieved a knife and plate.
Tekena was about to ask what she wanted when his phone buzzed.
@africanbutta: Mr. Man, hw can I help you?
@t2-minus-rearview: y u mean all the time? Ur man must not be doing something right.
He looked up at Nana Rubi as she placed a plate of sliced mangos in front of him. “Thank you, Nana. So, what is it? I aim to please.”
She crossed her arms over her chest and a grin crept over her face. The grin was the giveaway, and he shook his head immediately.
“Nope. Anything but that.”
@africanbutta: my man is none of ur business.
@t2_minus_rearview: oh, u must not have one.
“But Tekena Tamuno, you can’t go through life with only meaningless relationships.”
He frowned at her. “I have meaningful relationships.”
“Osaro and Malcolm don’t count.”
She hit him with a dishtowel. “Stop giving me a hard time. You need a woman. A family to carry on your legacy. You need someone to grow old with.”
@africanbutta: I hv plenty of them. Thank u very much. Now what do you want?
Tekena chuckled. He knew she was mean and hardheaded, but she had the right one. Deciding to leave her on read and give Nana Rubi his full attention, he put his phone in his pocket. “I’ll have that. You know I hated being an only child, but not now.”
“You know it’s arrogant to put off what you can do today for tomorrow. God isn’t on your timetable.”
Tekena laughed. “I’ve heard that saying, but marriage ain’t what they were referring to.”
“Speaking of God—”
“Hold up, I didn’t speak of Him. You did.”
“Then let me continue. You fly around so much that before I know it, you’ll be gone again.”
Tekena took a bite of his fruit and shook his head. “Nah, you got me here till February.”
“Oh, that’s good, but as I was saying…”
Tekena glanced up at the time. If he didn’t get her off this topic now, he’d be here all night. As much as he loved her, he wasn’t in the mood. He hadn’t had any rest and he needed it if he was going to be dealing with Isoken Adolo.
“Nana, I love you, but I gotta hear this God talk another day. I promise I’ll even open the Bible with you. But your boy is really tired.”
She studied him for a few seconds then slumped her shoulders in defeat. “Okay. If you need me, you know where to find me.”
Tekena walked over to her, drew her in for a hug, and kissed her forehead. “Yep, I do and that’s why I love you.” He picked up his plate, bit into the last piece of the juicy fruit, and washed the dish before heading up the stairs.

To Breathe Again is part of the Invisible Shackles series. You can get your copy here.

Happy Mother’s day to all the moms & moms to be.

Peace & Blessings