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Sample Sunday: Back Down!

It’s Father’s Day. I want to shout out all the hard working dads out there! My hubby being one of them. I’m an only girl and a daddy’s girl. Although he’s is all the way back in Nigeria, I speak to my dad often. I’m so blessed to still have him with me. Today I also remember my late father-in-law. That man was too awesome to me. May his soul continue to rest in peace.

The first dad of the U. N Universe is Professor Dele Adewunmi, otherwise known as Feranmi’s dad from An Unexpected Blessing. The man was forever running interference between his baby girl, Fera and her mom(his wife). In the scene I share below, Fera’s mom has just done something underhanded in the name of ‘love’. They argue and here comes the good prof to save the day.

“Daddy, e ku aaro, Mummy, e ku aaro ,” Feranmi said, slightly bending her head as a sign of respect. Her mother looked remorseful, but Feranmi didn’t buy it. She waited to hear what she had to say.
“Good morning, Baby girl. I hope you managed to sleep well?” her father asked. Feranmi nodded. Her father continued, “I know you are upset, but your mother thought her action was in your best interest.” He waited for a response, but she wasn’t offering one. “We’ll be leaving tomorrow and I know you don’t want to end this vacation on this sour note.”
Then her mother said, “Feranmi, I am your mother and I love you. I would never do anything that will harm you. I want what is best for you. You are getting too close to that American man—”
“Mummy, please, please stop trying to help. You raised me well. Trust that I can make my own decisions. I’m not married yet and that is not a crime. Or is it? I don’t feel anything for Bayo, but Alex I really love. Believe me, Mummy. I fought it hard. Partly because I was scared after all that happened with Aunty Sade, and partly because I didn’t want to disappoint you and daddy. I expected this reaction, but not to this magnitude. But in the end, it is with him that I’m happiest. He’s a good man and most importantly, he’s a God fearing one.”
“But Feranmi… how long have you known him? You can’t love him. He is not right for you.”
“Mummy, how do you know that?” She was tired of arguing. “I thought you came here to call a truce. What you did wasn’t really nice, oh.”
Her father silenced the words that were about to come out of her mother’s mouth. “Okay, okay, we are not going to start that again. It’s our last day here, and we are not going to allow strangers to spoil it.”
Feranmi knew her mother well enough to know she had no intention of apologizing so her dad, as always, shut the exchange down. There was complete silence.
Her father continued, “This is what we are going to do. Yewande, since you are convinced that Bayo has changed, Feranmi will go on one date with him.”
Her mother smiled. Feranmi’s mouth hung open.
“Baby girl, don’t be close-minded. He might truly have changed, but if it doesn’t work then you have both our blessings on that your young man. Sade’s incident, although unfortunate, happened a long time ago and we have to move on.” He turned to look at his wife and squeezed her hand. Feranmi knew he was silently telling her it was going to be okay. Now it was Feranmi’s turn to smile, because the Bayo she saw yesterday hadn’t changed at all.
“Yewande, you have to promise that if she still doesn’t like him, you have to back down. You will leave her alone, abi?” Her mother did not look happy but had no choice but to agree.
“Okay,” mother and daughter said at the same time.
“Ehen, that is better. Now you girls should kiss and make up. Let’s go out for brunch.”
Feranmi and her mother hugged and apologized to each other. Since that was over, Feranmi had one more person to make up with—Alex.

If you havent met Alex & Feranmi Montgomery, you can still do so.

Enjoy your day. Peace & Blessings