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Sample Sunday : You Can Preach To Me Next Time.

Happy Mother's Day. Mothers, grandmothers and mother figures play a huge world in the U. N World. They are jewels which is also the same for mothers all over the world. For today's sample, I'm featuring a unique duo, Tekena & his childhood nanny, Nana Rubi from To Breathe Again. Tekena still has a living… Continue reading Sample Sunday : You Can Preach To Me Next Time.

Bookish Stuff

It’s Release Day

Hey there! It's release day. My tenth book is now available!! To Live Again: An Invisible Shackles Novel The devastation of Itohan Adolo’s tragic love story fuels her anger at the world and distance from her faith. That is until Osaro Ikimi comes along. Although he wasn’t looking for love, he wasn’t one to let… Continue reading It’s Release Day

Bookish Stuff

That Thing Called Pride…

How dare they? Me? Me? Do you they not know who I am? Those are the immediate thoughts that run through the most righteous mind when wronged. Depending on the atrocity of the other, a plan for revenge begins to build. They did this to me? Ok I will show them. "How dare he return… Continue reading That Thing Called Pride…