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Sample Sunday: She Didn’t Have Much Time + Auntie ‘Mebo

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To Breathe Again is out and this is going to be out last Sample for a while. I will be begin rolling out deleted scenes. To read those, you have to be an Afro Luv Bug subscriber. You can do that here. If you have read To Breathe Again, this scene will be familiar to you. If not what are you waiting for? 🙂

I have removed all spoilers from the scene. Enjoy. Stick around till the end.

When Isoken splurged on her elliptical bike, the investment was for the sole aim of producing a taut body, lowering the risk of disease and stress relief. Currently, she wasn’t getting the return on her investment in the stress relief department. It’d been two days since she’d been back from Tweedes and her daily hour regimen had yet to provide any relief. She was still wrapping her head around Tekena’s offer. She would’ve never thought she’d be in this place with him. Her plan to get far away from him was failing miserably. Leave it to Tekena to complicate things by throwing in the possibility of their lives being permanently entwined, not by marriage, but…

“Lord, please guide me. Help me to make this decision. Is he the right person?”

She’d thought seeing him the morning after his request would’ve been awkward. It was anything but. They picked back up like it never happened. There was no tension between them, and for that, she was grateful. When they landed, he dropped her off then offered to give her space to think. She hadn’t seen him since then, but his texts in the morning, midday and night arrived as usual. Isoken was glad he kept his word and didn’t broach the topic. Problem was, she didn’t have that much time left.

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