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Sample Sunday: I’m Not Doing That!

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It’s been a minute. A lot has been going on with me personally but I still managed to get the next Billionaire book finished. Pretend Bea will release on 4/30 and I’m excited for you to meet Brice & Imani. But first a little sample.

In this scene Brice returns for a trip and informs his bestfriend Imani how she will be helping him out of a predicament. Enjoy!

He started the water for the dishes. “I’m not marrying because of business. It might have worked out for Darius, but that’s not me.”
“Okay, so what do you have to do? And how can I help? You know I don’t have a family to lend you. Or is it because I’m African?”
“Huh? ‘Cause you’re African? Really?”
Imani swatted his shoulder. “My bad. Okay, so spit it out…”
Brice lifted her left hand. Imani lowered her eyes to where their hands connected. Then she lifted her eyes to his face and was met with a smirk.
“What’s going on, Brice?”
“Trying to figure out what size ring to get for my pretend bae.

Imani waved him off. ” Yeah whatever, I’m not doing that.”

Pretend Bae will be available 4/30 you can pre-order your copy today! Here

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  1. So excited to catch up on these characters and the snippet you shared sounds like they are still cutting up.

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