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Sample Sunday: It’s Time, Daddy

Hey there!

It’s almost time for the Kalu family to say goodbye. In about 2 weeks, Jidenna and Zola will make their grand entrance in A Suitable Wife. I’ve struggled with samples because I don’t wanna accidentally give away any spoilers. However, today, we get to meet another star of the show…Uju Kalu.

You first met Uju in Rent A Bae, in A Suitable Wife, you get to really know her. Enjoy this snippet and last sample with her dad, Jidenna.

Several hours later, I lifted my eyes from the sketch book on my drafting table when I heard the door to my home studio open.
“Daddy, I have finished my homework. It’s time.” Uju lifted herself to the stool beside me. “Come on, Daddy… stop drawing.”
I chuckled and helped her down from the stool and closed my sketch book. “What is it time for?”
She let out a labored breath. “You forgot? Come on, Daddy, you promised to practice the tendu with me.” She grabbed my hand, pulling me out of the room. “I want to show Ms. Zola that I can do all the steps without mistakes.”
“You like Ms. Zola?”
“Yes! She’s the best.” Uju halted abruptly, almost making me knock her over. “Do you like her, Daddy?”
“What makes you ask that?”
She shrugged and continued walking. “That day you came late, you were looking at her the way those gross boys look at the girls in the program Ms. Eva watches.” She took a breather, then continued, “They always look like that before they kiss.” She shook her head then finished with, “Eww.”
I was stunned. I didn’t know what part of her narrative to focus on. One thing I did know was I had to have a conversation with Eva about what she allowed Uju to watch. At least she still thought boys were gross. That was a good thing. We entered her playroom and walked over to the side of the room that served as her mini studio. I had the area remodeled, complete with vinyl flooring, a wall of mirrors and the horizontal hand rail used for support.
“You didn’t answer my question, Daddy.”
“What question is that?”
“Do you like Ms. Zola?”
“I guess so. Now, first position, extend your right foot forward, toes pointed, heel on the ground, then slide back,” I called out the routine for her.
I had popped into her room one day and she was on her bed, sad. After I inquired, she explained how she was struggling with the plie and tendu. Immediately, I got online to study the routines. I knew that if I could learn the steps myself, then I could help her through them as well. I laughed at myself as I practiced the routines in my bedroom, but I was down for anything that made my daughter’s life easier.
Now, watching her repeat the tendu eight more times and getting better with each try put a satisfied grin on my face. Her smile was priceless, and there was nothing I wouldn’t do to keep it in place.

As usual, let me know what you think. Don’t be left out, preorder your copy today.

Until next time,

Peace & Blessings



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