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Happy Holiday Hop

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Today I’m participating in the Happy Holiday Hop hosted by Sweet Blog Hops.

I’ve been married a while now and I’ve made new Christmas memories with my family. My kids and I always bake cookies the day before, we always watch Disney parade and we wear our Pjs all day long. My hubby indulges me and watched romantic holiday movies with me all day.

However my childhood memories of Christmas are also fantastic. We spent a lot of time in church and visiting family. I do miss those big family moments. My parents live in Nigeria and my siblings live far and wide, so we’ve not been all in the same place at the same time in over 20 years. That was until 2013, I’ll always cherish that particular Christmas.

It is important to remember that Christmas is not always a happy time for everyone. For varying reasons. And we should make a special effort to be compassionate. Such was the case for my heroine in The Christmas Ultimatum.

happy holidays!


Freelance journalist, Olanma Obinze, just landed the interview of a lifetime. She didn’t like the commercialism of Christmas, so the trip to Dubai was the perfect destination and it was happening at the perfect time. She’d get to escape the Christmas hoopla; and the big paycheck once the article was sold would ensure she didn’t have to go crawling back to her father for money.
Abayomi Rice was in charge of scheduling interviews for his grandfather, but would only grant Olanma’s request if she accepted his ultimatum—a trip half way across the world to Cape Town, South Africa.
Olanma wasn’t falling for the charm of a recovering playboy and a rich one at that. But with her plans going up in smoke before her eyes, Olanma must decide whether to give in to the ultimatum or leave empty handed. Who said it was the season to be merry?

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Leave me a comment telling me your favorite Christmas memory and be entered to win a copy of The Christmas Ultimatum.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Holiday Hop”

  1. One of my favorite Christmas memories is the year my dad bought me a horse for Christmas. I was horse crazy, and even though horses are expensive, he talked my mother into getting one. I rode that animal every single day, and I remember that Christmas was great joy.

  2. I have so many great Christmas memories. I always love it when ALL of the family come for Christmas. No one gets much sleep. Too much talking & laughing.

  3. I remember eating out a Chinese restaurants with my family when I was a kid, going to multiple Christmas Eve church services, opening one present Christmas eve (and sometimes more if we were more persuasive that year), and just spending time with my parents and siblings. As a mom now, I love creating new traditions with my kids.

    I’ve never read a vook set in Dubai, but it sounds like a good read to me.

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