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#TeaserTuesday: A Scoop Of Love

Nigerian Catfish Peppersoup fresh fish pepper soup point and kill nigerian peppersoup 2

Photo Credit: Nigerian Food TV

Hey! Finally I’m sharing a tiny snippet from A Scoop of Love. I’m still deep in edits but I think this is cool enough to share. Let me set the scene.

Rasheed are meeting Ibiso for the second time after a disastrous first meeting. The venue: a point and kill fish market. For my non Nigerian readers, it’s a place where the customer can point to the fish they want killed and packaged. Normally used to cook peppersoup (pictured above) He is there for his mom, she is there for a client. Then this happens: They point to the same fish…Enjoy the snippet.


“Such a gentleman,” Ibiso said as they waited for the attendant to return.

Rasheed heard the hint of sarcasm but wasn’t bothered. “Did you think I wasn’t?”

“Hmm, I don’t know. I barely know you.”

“We have to fix that.” Rasheed raised his hand to his face and stroked his moustache.

“And how do you suppose we do that?”

“Well, seeing as I let you have the fish and you’re a caterer…

“If you want to taste my cooking, you could always come to the restaurant.”

“I could, couldn’t I? But I was thinking something more personal. Seeing as I sacrificed my fish for you.”

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4 thoughts on “#TeaserTuesday: A Scoop Of Love”

  1. Where I’m from it’s called a “You Buy, We Fry” market, but point and kill market works lol. I guess the big difference is that mine offers the option of cooking the fish you choose. Interesting snippet. They have a nice little subtle flirtation going on!

    1. Yes they do!
      Here is a fun fact: my hubby(then fiancee) took me to my first “point and kill” market. I was in awe, but the fish tasted good after we cooked it.
      It would be really interesting to have then cook it there.
      Thanks for stopping by Faith!

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