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Avoiding Distractions While Writing

I admire this author so much, so when I saw this article I clicked on it immediately. I’m on cloud nine right now because all this great advice here…I adhere to already. So I guess I am doing something right. Also you might wanna try Michelle’s book…she is the business for real.


Fellow author Jeaninne Stokes and I recently corresponded about a common question: How do you keep from getting distracted by your writing while writing. Specifically, if you’re working on chapter three, how do you keep from going back and fixing something in chapter one without getting stuck in chapter one again?

Just so you know, I am not the queen of staying-on-track. However, I have devised a few tricks that keep me from getting completely derailed when I write.

1. Write description later – If I’m writing a restaurant scene and I have no idea what the restaurant looks like, but I know exactly what I want my characters to say to one another at their table conversation, I skip to the conversation because I don’t want to mess up my flow. I make myself a note in the text (see below) and then I come back through and describe the…

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