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Patricia Ann Bridewell


In this day and age of self-publishing and vanity presses, writers have more options for publishing their work than ever before with the Internet. Stories have been told in any number of ways, but there is an even greater opportunity for creative writing options worthy of exploration. I will list some traditional options with some that are becoming traditional.

Novels | Novellas | Short Stories

A novel is generally considered anything over 150 pages though I’d say more, while a novella is shorter in length but longer than a short story. Need examples: Breaking Ice is a book of short stories, here is a list of novellas that includes Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, and this list of 100 books is all novels.

E-Books | Digital

E-Books or e-books or eBooks are electronic formatted manuscripts made to be read on an electronic reader such as Kindle. They can be downloaded…

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