The Writing Journey

Enjoying the Ride!

comfort-zoneWhen I started this journey, I honestly didn’t anticipate where is has taken me. All I wanted to do was tell a story that has been burning on my heart for years. I just wanted people to read what I had to say and enjoy it. Writing is my safe haven, it enables the introvert in me.  After all the only people I had to talk to were my imaginary friends playing around in my head. Boy, was I wrong!  This journey has opened me up in ways that I never imagined possible. I’m talking to  people I never thought I would…. communicating in ways I never thought I could. I’m loving this ride and can’t see myself getting off anytime soon.

I hadn’t shared my writings before because I didn’t consider myself  ‘good enough’. I enjoyed doing it but didn’t want to put it in the hands of others to tear apart( so I thought) so I remained in my comfort zone. Sending my finished manuscript to my editor ( She’s not just my editor but my destiny helper!) was one of my scariest moments. She is someone I admire so so much..I have read everything she has ever written so you can understand how kinda shaky I was…her feedback was better than I expected. I couldn’t believe she was saying those kind words to me! ME! 

With her guidance  An Unexpected Blessing  has meta morphed into a piece of work that I’m so proud of . I had to push the release day forward because I needed do a little more work. When you finally get it I want you to feel like you have gone on a vacation somewhere getting lost in its pages. Bear with me and stay tuned.  All I can say is that when you stretch yourself…things you never thought possible can be achieved. Also never undervalue the need to surround yourself with people of like mind and purpose.

Totally amazing!!  Stay tuned for details..



“The greatest enemy to your human potential is your comfort zone”