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It’s My Party!

Wrapped_GiftsI have told the story a thousand times… I got the gift to write from God but the actual push came from my husband. I remember the day he saw my personal library overflowing with books.

“Babe, I see all these books, where is yours?” he asked That was six years ago. My blog was born and then followed my book, An Unexpected Blessing.  Suffice to say that before I even thought about writing one word, I was and still am a book addict. I mean it, seriously…so I thought what better way to celebrate my blog’s birthday than to introduce you to the books that I read. And the authors I admire..

I will be giving away five books.

Pat Simmons: I call Ms. Pat my “shero”, her books have me up till 3 a.m on a work night. Yeah that good. When I finally talked to her, she was just as down to earth as I imagined. I wanted to give way my best book by her, Crowning Glory but its not in an e format. So here is  Stopping Traffic. Thank me later and try out her Guilty Series..it will take a whole post to talk about those Jameison men.stopping




Rhonda McKnight: I really admire this author. She has a lot of great books, I like all her books. But I’m giving away An Inconvenient Friend, after reading it you might knock over people trying to get to the sequel What Kind of Fool..lol. While you are at it you might wanna check out her new book Breaking All The Rules, its on my to be read list.download (4)




Salt Bola Essien-Nelson: She is my sister pillar, my big sis and a woman spreading the message of Christ in the simplest of terms. She is the brain behind the Desperate Naija Woman series. Now she has a new book out True Confessions, and I’m giving it to you!





Yejide Kilanko:  She is my sister in pen. She is another sister pillar that God has blessed me with. I want to introduce her book Daughters Who Walk This Path to you. Her new book will be out next spring.





Finally, Norma Jarret: I haven’t read her work but she is a true woman of God. Dropping nuggets that give you food for thought. She is known for light hearted books that spread the message and provides humor at the same time. I have her latest book  Love On A Budget on my to read list but I’m giving it to you…tell me what you think would you?





I might have to do another giveaway soon cos this list doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Of  the authors I love and are so into…but for now here are the rules:

You have to:

1. Like my Facebook page https://facebook.com/unwankworauthor

2. Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/unwankwor

3. Comment on this post ( You have to do 1&2 above then come here to let me know)

4. Have an Kindle or Nook. The books to be given away are E books ONLY!

5. Offer ends Oct 31st at midnight EST. Winners will be announced November 1st

Thank you for supporting me.  I feel so blessed to know these women and do what I do…..Weaving Stories of Faith, Hope & Love….

Be Blessed


Wednesday Author Spotlight ~Bola “Salt” Essien- Nelson

saltfIn my book she is one of the best sisterpillars I know. I just recently got to know her although I’ve heard about her for a long time. She is author of the popular Desperate Naija Woman series where she chronicles her efforts to desperately seek God. That phase is over… through rebirth she is now known as Salt…read more and find out.

I am Salt and I thank God for giving me this new name at the onset of 2012. However, the truth is we, children of God, reborn in Christ, vessels of the spirit of God, are ALL called to be Salt and Light. A while ago, I was in a video conference and a few colleagues who had recently attended an HR conference were giving feedback on all that they had learnt from all the respected Conference Presenters at the event. The famous James Robbins  was one of them and he shared his ‘9 minutes on Monday‘ theory which states that being a great leader is about taking nine minutes of one day ( Monday) to figure out what you were going to do in that week to groom a better, more productive team. But not just what you were going to do, but what you were going to do consistently.

I promise you, I am not sure at which point my mind drifted to my walk as a Christian and how all that I was hearing about leadership in the work place mirrored almost perfectly what I believe being a ‘salty’ Christian looked like. So, I took James Robbins’ 9 Minutes and converted them into my own personal ‘9 minutes on Monday’ for a Christian who wants to sprinkle godly flavour or shine godly light consistently on that patch of the world God has placed him/her.

If, like me, this is one of your chief desires, then join me in taking nine minutes every Sunday or Monday and decide the following for your coming week:

  1. 1.      Whom will I show a genuine interest in this week by calling, e-mailing, sms-ing, visiting?
  2. Whom will I give feedback to on how he/she has blessed my life?
  3. Whom will I recognise for how they have helped my life and my walk as a Christian?
  4. How will I link my purpose to someone by sowing financially or otherwise into his/her life?
  5. Whom will I help grow in their Christian walk this week (by sending a scripture for instance?)
  6. Whom will I help feel ’empowered’ as a brother or sister in Christ?
  7. What can I do to foster unity in my church, fellowship, prayer/blog/FB/Google group?
  8. Where can I inject the love of God in a fun way this week?
  9. What can I do this week to model Christ to those who will be contact with me?

You see, I can be ‘Salt’ all I want but salt that stays in the salt shaker is of no use to anyone. To be useful, I must be sprinkled out. Our love of and for God cannot be passive, it has to act. God is a verb. He is always ‘doing’ great and mighty things and so must we. I honestly cannot say I have done my 9 minutes every single Monday since then but I promise you, the days that I have? I felt really fulfilled and in sync with God. Those were the days I felt God’s DNA coursing through me the most.
My name is Salt and though all of the above is sometimes hard, by God’s grace I choose to live up to my name. Truth is, so can you. No, scratch that, so must you.

Be Salt. Sprinkle Love.

Be Light. Shine Love.

©Salt 2013

tcHer latest book called True Confessions is available now. Click Here to buy in paperback or Kindle.