Flashlight Moment In The Dark Series

Flashlight Moments In The Dark Presents: Norma L. Jarrett

Welcome to another edition of Flashlight Moments in the Dark. I hope you have been keeping up. This week is our third week and I have the pleasure of interviewing Norma L Jarret. Me: So tell us, who is Norma L. Jarrett? Norma: Norma Jarrett is a believer who seeks to encourage and inspire through the… Continue reading Flashlight Moments In The Dark Presents: Norma L. Jarrett

My Musings

The Holidays Are Heating Up….

I love this time of the year.  First the selfless sacrifice that Jesus Christ made...subjecting himself to his own creation so we might have a chance at salvation. Oh what joy.!! I also love spending time with family and friends...its also my birthday month (yeah I'm a Christmas Eve baby) so its all good for… Continue reading The Holidays Are Heating Up….

Bookish Stuff

It’s My Party!

I have told the story a thousand times... I got the gift to write from God but the actual push came from my husband. I remember the day he saw my personal library overflowing with books. "Babe, I see all these books, where is yours?" he asked That was six years ago. My blog was… Continue reading It’s My Party!