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Lost In The Fire

Naomi didn’t get married just to loose everything. Her pill was a bitter one to follow but through her pain Ruth met Boaz. This is not some romantic love story, oh who am I kidding it is. But that’s not my point.

Your dark moments may not in fact are almost always not necessarily about you.•

Lions do not have to roar.there's power in silence.
Your ability to pull it together, trust God through the pain and help others is the catalyst that births destinies for the common good.•

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Peace & Blessings


2 thoughts on “Lost In The Fire”

  1. Unoma, you capture so eloquently the season that I am in, a period of transition where I counted many losses but my “confident expectation” is I am beginning to see the beauty in the ashes…Excited about what is already starting to bloom on the other side of the fire.

    1. Hey Abigaelle, transitions are so hard but as I state in my new book coming out, we have to find the gift in them. Makes it much more bearable. Don’t waste the wait.
      I’m glad beauty is rising from the ashes.

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