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New Beginings: Introducing Anchor Talk

Hey! We made it…another year. Welcome to 2017. I wish you a very prosperous New Year!!

If you have been following me  for  a while you would’ve heard the phrase #confidentexpectations often. Over the last couple of months I’ve added another phrase :#AnchorNotes. These notes have become quite popular on Instagram.:-)

As you know this comes from Hebrews 6:19 Hope anchors the soul.Check out my post on it here. Mid year last year, I started to record on  Anchor Talk on Sound Cloud, but life kinda happened and it didn’t quite take off.

Confident Expectations, Anchor Notes coupled with my new book In The Dark has lead to the revamp of Anchor Talk. I’m so excited and thrilled about the journey this new venture is taking me on and I hope you’d join me for the ride.

In the Dark is my passion project and is scheduled for release 03/03/2017. I’m excited about helping and empowering others to build confident expectations in Chris #IntheDark places. In those times when you aren’t really sure when your breakthrough will come or which way God is going to rolling the dice. In those flashlight moments when you can only see so far and are holding on to hope that good things are to come.


This book has been on my heart to write for a very long time. Years. It is now finally time to release another piece of me to the world. In the Dark is not just about me but about you. About soldier in the kingdom army. I believe it was God who prompted me on this new route. I had a false start but after prayer, overcoming fear and placing all my trust in God. I’m ready to start again.

So… Introducing Anchor Talk: A Biweekly Podcast starting February 7th 2017.


It will start off as a 20-30 min solo podcast sharing stories of faith and hope and encouragement to push you through your dark places. I will share from the book and have other surprises in store.

Also on the horizon for this new season is the In The Dark Series: Flashlight Moments.


In pursuit of your passion sometimes you gotta fly blind. What happens when you pray and you’re moving but nothing is happening? How did these ladies survive their flashlight moments when they could only see so far #IntheDark.
These are women I admire a lot and when I reached out, they willingly answered my call. I can’t wait for you to know them better.

Finally, I will host #GLOWInTheDark Twitter Chats on Sundays in January 9pm EST. So join me tonight. We are setting the foundation for this year right!


Blessings and thank you for Rocking with me. More information on the podcast as we approach.




8 thoughts on “New Beginings: Introducing Anchor Talk”

  1. As the podcast opens we are greeted with background music I think from Africa and an introduction which sounds like something I could hear on the radio, and would definitely listen to whatever the frequency is daily or monthly. Anchor Talk is the foundation we need today with all that is going on in the world.
    The author writes books which fuse Faith and Romance w/African spice. Does this sound like a recipe to you? It certainly does to me a recipe for success. As an avid reader I can attest that the recipe is very satisfying. Now she has moved to doing podcasting and I am EXCITED!!!!.

    Unoma has a voice which is easy to listen to and the listener can certainly hear the passion she has about her topics and the Word. Her books are also written in the same way with that passion and the reader is left with a principle to ponder.
    I’m definitely looking forward to the upcoming book announced on the show today. It’s based on our dark moments and how we handle them; a principle which we forget when we are going through. I believe all of us living on this side need to G.L.O.W (read the book/check out the 1st podcast to find out what this acronym stands for)
    From the title of the podcast, the content and references all match up to a wonderful analogy.
    In closing this podcast the listener walks away with a reflection Scripture and I really like that we don’t leave this listen naked, but well equipped.
    As the author says “hope anchors the soul” don’t let your shipwrecks of life knock you out the race.

      1. I’m on the train just leaving a meeting and Bible class. We are studying Hebrews and today we looked at Chapter 13. Unoma I almost jumped out of my seat when Minister Carol said Jesus is our Anchor. I knew for sure I was in the right place yesterday listening to the podcast and in class.

  2. I’m definitely looking forward to this book, If I didn’t have spinal issues I would also purchase the journal. Umm now that I said that I might buy the journal anyway because I don’t plan to stay stuck in this medical issue.

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