Power Within…

Hey there! It’s been a minute. How is everyone doing? I’ve been tied up with work, my writing, family , business you know the whole nine… trying to balance it all.

I’m slowly but steadily getting back on track so bear with me. Happy Monday, welcome to a new week. Can you believe we’re in Summer already? Where did the time go? I’ve been busy behind the scenes, so still on track to accomplish all my goals for this year by the grace of God.

What about you are you on track? I wanted to leave this with you this morning…..

image (1)

Too many times we find ourselves cowering under our full potential. We allow our minds to absorb the lies of not good enough, not well spoken enough, not up to the Joneses next door.
Those voices make us doubt ourselves especially when we try to compare our page 10 to another’s page 100. Anybody you see at the top started from the bottom and most definitely had the same fears… Difference is they moved inspite of. That is courage! You have to believe in you before you can convince anybody else to.
Always ask the question…If I don’t believe in me…why should they?

Be Blessed,


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