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The Season:Its Essence & Me Featuring Nigeria Lockley

Hey there! I hope you are enjoying getting to know my friends. I’m having a wonderful time reading their stories and introducing them to you. Now this next author needs no introduction if you follow me on any network. If you don’t then I will tell you who she is…She is none other than my sissy and bestie, souls sister Nigeria Lockley.  Now let me step aside so you’ll get to know her too…

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The Season by Nigeria Lockley

Christmas for me is synonymous with truth. As Christians many of us celebrate Christmas to commemorate the birth of our Lord. With His birth, through his life and in His word we find the essence of truth. The Christmas season used to just mean gifts to me as the baby of the family until I was in the fourth grade. For homework my class we was asked to prepare a list of gifts we wanted because we were going to see Santa. That night I sat down my dining room table and scribbled pages upon pages until my mother asked me, “Nig, what are you doing?” I explained the assignment to her and then she explained something to me.

“Listen here girl, ain’t no fat white man bringing you nothing. I’m going to get you what you want. I bust my behind every day to get you what you want and what you need not a fat white man,” she said before walking away from me.

It may seem like that was a tough talk to have with a nine year old (she was a tough talker), but everything she said was true. I learned then to appreciate what I received a little bit more and I know now that the subtext of her words is what this season is about. The Christmas season is about recognizing the sacrifice that has been made by God himself to give us each what we need (salvation) and the desires of our heart “not no fat white man”. As our nation seems to spiral deeper into the abyss of consumerism I am forever grateful that she taught me this truth so long ago.

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10 thoughts on “The Season:Its Essence & Me Featuring Nigeria Lockley”

  1. “Listen here girl, ain’t no fat white man bringing you nothing.”—– I know she was so serious, but I HOLLERED laughing! I had a similar variation of the same conversation with my mother. Ironically, she played the Santa game with my younger sister. Left cookies out and er’thang. Something about those babies that do a mother in. But anyway, thanks for the laugh and for the reminder of what Christmas is really all about!

  2. Yep! I feel you. We actually never believed in Santa, but then we also found several of the hiding places for which our presents were kept, LOL. Not every Christmas was filled with lots of gifts under the tree, some Christmas’ it just didn’t happen. But we always had food to eat and love to spare. At a young age it was hard to learn those lessons, but it taught me so much about what the actual reason for the season was. Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, family and unconditional love. All of which are absolutely priceless.

  3. Like your mom mine did the same thing, she was a tough mother but as I travel to and from I’ve found mothers in NYC are different than the Midwest and other places. I’m grateful for THE TRUTH.

    Learning more about you Nigeria helps me to understand you and your Scopes on #PeriSistersinChrist
    Thank you Unoma for sharing your friends and mine with others.
    Happy Birthday Jesus!

    1. Missy, I’m so glad this article shed some light on who I am. NYC moms are definitely different, but my mom was old school, so she didn’t play games and I am grateful for that.

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