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Intimacy: Repositioning My Perspective

The word Insight on a cork notice boardNormally by this time, I would be writing my end of year note. You know, reflecting on all I have done/achieved/missed and strategizing for the New Year. While I am still doing that, I am heavily focused on the shift I expect to happen in my ministry…writing and film production based on specific actions I want to take or am committed to taking going forward.

Let me digress a little. Sunday afternoons are Disney movie days in my house. My kids struggle for who will snuggle closest to me. They want to be right there by my side, it’s almost as if they think that if they aren’t in that position they’ll miss something. Well truthfully, sometimes they do especially if I have candy or something…LOL. Basically what I’m trying to say is that it’s where they feel safest and are more in tuned with me as their mom. If you aren’t a mom yet maybe you have that niece or nephew or even a pet that wants prime position. Prime positioning has great perks, you get first hand info, you get treats first hand…basically you know the person better than anyone else. You know them or they know you so well that, if someone tell you anything contrary to what you know about them you’re not moved. In pidgin (Nigerian broken English) we’ll say…”come rain, come shine…no shaking.”

A few months ago my pastor Bank Akinmola started preaching about the circles of intimacy with Christ. This message has changed the way I operate and I just pray for God’s grace to help me stay committed to the course. Intimacy is defined as a “close familiarity with…” At certain times in our walk with Jesus, we could be at different stages of intimacy but the goal is to keep growing until you get to the top.

I felt compelled to share since I feel that we should all be aiming towards re-positioning ourselves for our destiny and the only way to do this is changing your perspective. By gaining wisdom/insight and understanding.

  1. Crowd: Curiosity seekers. This is the crowd that followed Jesus about. They weren’t really committed or close they just wanted to see what the fuss was about. It is from this crowd that Zacchaeus broke out when he climbed on top of the tree.
  2. The 5000: These are the people that Jesus fed fish and bread. Remember them? They are the needy bunch.They always have a need when they come to church. Prayers get answered and they leave, to come back again with another need.
  3. The 70: These are the people Jesus sent two by two ahead of Himself in Luke chapter 10. They are impressed with their own resume, their works. They come to church, serve on a committee but don’t really know Christ. They work for Him but have no relationship whatsoever. I have to pause here and send a side note to all the creative people spreading the gospel through your craft. You can’t spread the right message if you don’t pause to hear what the Master is saying. It’s almost like sending someone on an errand, you give them the money(gift) before you tell them what to buy, they are off.Thinking they know what you want. Don’t be lovers of power..your goal should be to have your name written in the book of life and hearing Jesus say “well done”
  4. The 12(Disciples) : We all know about the 12, they walked with Jesus, but just as some of us are, they had varying levels of belief in His power. Thomas was doubting, Peter was bold but had a temper and often thought logically instead of with faith. Judas even betrayed Him. This group are those that hear then Word, inspired for a moment then they loose it because something they didn’t expect happened. Then they come back, same happens and the cycle continues. They are different from the 70 because they walked with Him, knew Him more but were often deterred.
  5. The 3: The inner caucus of Jesus…Peter, John & James. They witnessed moments that the others didn’t. Like the Transfiguration and the Raising Jairus Daughter. They were relentless in their pursuit of the knowledge of Him.
  6. The One Jesus Loved~John: Still out of that inner caucus, John, the disciple referred to as the one Jesus loved broke out. He was the one who laid his head on Jesus shoulder during the Last Supper, he was the disciple that saw the resurrection of Lazarus, he was the disciple that was kept alive to write the book of Revelation. What was different about Him? Because of His closeness to Jesus, he had a different perspective, he didn’t just look at things in the physical but with a heavenly perspective or vantage point. The book of John is has the most recording of Christ speaking. Bottom line John operated from a place of wisdom and clarity because of his closeness to Jesus.

Which circle are you? Which circle do you strive to be? What would you do differently? The circle you are in is directly correlated with the ability to fulfill your God given purpose.

Proverbs 4:7 Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do! And whatever else you do, develop good judgment

This is just an abbreviated version of the sermon by Pastor Banks, if you want the full message please go to

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Have a great New Year ahead.


4 thoughts on “Intimacy: Repositioning My Perspective”

  1. Sooooo #INSPIRED!!.
    I can’t begin to tell you how much I love the apostle John.
    Reading this again has inspired a blog post. lol.
    (((((hugs sis))))))

  2. I am glad you ‘drew my ear’ to come read this.
    I love the Book of John. Especially from chapter 14 to the end. And thanks to you I now see how come I am drawn to him. I love to write and I see it as an outlet for my God-given Voice. You see how I said ‘God-given’ there? My voice without God is nothing. I would have nothing worth saying or hearing separate from my connection with God. So I am grateful for this post because it underscores some of the thoughts I have been having about how my 2015 ought to pan out.
    I want to be Salt the Beloved.
    Dass all!

    1. While I was writing it I thought of you…hence the drawing of the ear. It’s kinda reminded me about what you’ve been saying about being close to God. Thanks for reading..

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