Intimacy: Repositioning My Perspective

Normally by this time, I would be writing my end of year note. You know, reflecting on all I have done/achieved/missed and strategizing for the New Year. While I am still doing that, I am heavily focused on the shift I expect to happen in my ministry...writing and film production based on specific actions I … Continue reading Intimacy: Repositioning My Perspective

I Can Only Imagine

Can you imagine what it will be like when you stand in the presence of God. What will you say? What will He say? What will heaven be like? I know what the bible says but actually being there…will He say “Well Done” or would you need a moment to go back and try again..but … Continue reading I Can Only Imagine

Divine Connection

Suru Lere, Nigeria Renee woke up with a jolt. She glanced over at the clock  on her dresser. She was late. She threw off the blanket and scurried to the bathroom. She barely had 60 minutes to catch the bus, to make it in time for her ten am interview. Her 1994 Mazda had packed … Continue reading Divine Connection