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the middleHey y’all its a beautiful Monday morning. In my neck of the woods its back to school. If you have been following me for a while, you’d know I have a 1st grader and a Pre-K student. My babies are growing up so fast. Well, I spent all last week doing back to school shopping, meeting teachers and stuff…you know. Anyways my baby boy is gonna be wearing uniforms this year. He looks so cute…wanna see, follow me on Instagram (unwankwor).Anyway I digress…..

In the midst of all that was going on. I was struggling to finish my WIP called A Scoop Of Love. It is the first book in the Sons of Ishmael series.  So every night, I tune into Hallmark for a some background noise as I write. It just so happens that by 9pm  this program called The Middle is on. The mom, called Frankie is the truest depiction of a  mom on TV. She probably represent 80% of moms today to varying degrees.  House is a mess, she has self-absorbed kids who never listen, a husband who helps but really has to be pushed and prodded, and this one special child. Frankie looks beat down in every single episode. Taking care of everyone but herself.

As I worked on this one night, I looked up and saw this white family trying to fit in a black church.Apparently a co-worker of her husband’s invited them. I laughed when the usher covered her head, and was  teaching her how to clap to the beat, how to move from side to side or raise her hands up and holler “Alleluia” once in a while.  I raised the volume and heard the Pastor preaching about “finding your business and going about it.” Frankie then spent the rest of the 20 minute episode trying to figure out “what her business was”  I was just stunned as she helped everyone else in her family including her self-absorbed kids find their “business.” She was so tormented by this assignment that she became even more stressed.  Well yada, yada yada a brick had to  hit her on the head for her to realize that she goes about her business everyday by taking care of her family needs.

What I got away from the whole hilarious episode was… your “business” doesnt always have to be this whole big to do. It can be a small as well but whatever it is find it and pursue it with a passion in the glorification of God who gave you the talent. But always remember what John said in John 3vs 27…None can receive anything except what has been given him from heaven.” Whatever your business is, it came from above so use it as if you know it!

Blessings Unoma

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