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Finding Grace By Onyih Odunze

I have featured Onyih on here before. Then her novella was still in production. However now its out and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. I have read it and you can see my review here

Read an excerpt below



Azuka’s voice broke her reverie and she realized that she had been lost in thought for a few minutes and Azuka was waiting for her to respond to his earlier question.

“Oh…yeah, yeah. Sonia is always teasing me. I’m younger by a couple of years and she thinks it’s her life’s mission to embarrass me in public”, she said wryly.

Azuka smiled wistfully. He was an only child and didn’t know what it was like to spar with siblings.

“I noticed she calls you Cece. Is that a nickname, or…”

“It’s a nickname and she’s the only one that calls me that. My mom told me that she was still learning to talk when I was born and for some reason she couldn’t call my name properly. Instead of saying ‘Grace’ or ‘Gracie’, she would just say ‘Cece’, and I guess it stuck.”

“Cece…” the name rolled off his tongue and Grace blushed. It sounded different when he said it – nothing like the teasing tone that her sister used. His tone and the look in his eyes held a world of promise and something unspoken passed between them.

She stood, rooted in one spot. In an instant, she felt something change between them. Her heart pulsed and her stomach quivered. Shaken, she leaned against the dinette table and placed a hand on her stomach, as though the simple gesture could still her quivering heart.

Azuka stood and walked towards her. Reaching out, he held both of her hands in his, caressing them with his thumbs. “Maybe I’ll be the second person to call you that”, he said softly.

The touch of his hands sent heat through her, and her breathing stalled, coming in small, shallow gasps. Grace was stunned by the power of the attraction that she felt for Azuka. She looked up at him and almost gasped aloud at the smoky look in his eyes.

Azuka felt the change in the atmosphere and struggled to control himself. Grace’s eyes were soft, her lips parted as she gazed at him. Don’t look at me like that…don’t look at me like that Cece. The way she looked at him heated his blood, and he didn’t know how much longer he could go without kissing her. But, I don’t want to rush her. I don’t want to push her away. Still, his arms ached to hold her – not the chaste embrace they had shared a few times, but to hold her like a man holds the woman he loves. He looked at her again and threw caution to the wind. All the well-worn arguments ran through his mind as he reached for her. His resistance melted when she moved closer to him and as their lips met, a tingle of awareness swept through him. Her lips were soft and pliant beneath his and he pulled her closer to him. Instead of slaking his thirst, the kiss only inflamed his desire. Reluctantly, he pulled back with a rueful smile. He didn’t want to do anything that would go against his values and beliefs, and he respected Grace too much to toy with her.

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