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Lucky By Yejide Kilanko

During the year,I have featured numerous authors and aspiring authors. Yejide Kilanko is a sister writer of mine and a favorite. Her feature on Wednesday Author Spotlight can be found here. Enjoy another flash fiction piece from her…it had me cracking up. Remember my post What’s In A Name ?…..this made me remember it.

Ps: This will be my last feature of the year but stayed tuned for the new year.

I have been told several times I came out of my mother’s womb talking, so brevity in speech or the written word, has always been a challenge of mine.

Sometime during this year, I decided to start writing flash stories. It has been so much fun writing stories where every word has to count.

Please find below my latest flash story titled Lucky. Coming from an African culture where children, are named with the hope it would impact their destinies, it was hard not to share Lucky’s pain.

Whether you’re a reader or writer, I hope you’ll decide to try something new in 2014. It just might open the door to a new adventure.

Lucky-Flash Story

Author Bio:

Yejide Kilanko was born in Ibadan, Nigeria. A therapist in children’s mental health, Yejide, lives with her young family in Ontario, Canada. Daughters Who Walk This Path (Penguin Canada, 2012) is her debut novel. Her second novel, A Deep and Distant Shore, will be published by Penguin Canada in 2015. For more information about Yejide or her writing, please visit  or