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Navigation Rights

gps logoA normal day, everyone frantically moving about the house. Our target–six forty five. Book bags; check. Lunches; check. Then my daughter asks, “Mummy are we going to school” after a brief moment, I say,”Yes baby we are. Get in the car and buckle up.” She proceeds to do just as instructed and we start our commute. 

On the way there was an accident so as expected–traffic delay. I checked my rear view mirror, my kids are playing as if though didn’t have a care in the world. I’m puzzled, aren’t they aware of their surroundings, the blaring horns, the fact that we were at a stand still or that the car was moving and stopping too frequently. Why are they not asking me questions? “Are we there yet?”, “What’s taking so long mummy?”, “Are we still on the way to school?” Especially my daughter, I expected her to ask me a zillion questions by now. So I say,”Baby, we are a bit delayed, but don’t worry mummy is trying to hurry up.” I was not prepared for her response..”That’s okay mummy, I know you will make sure we’ll get there in time to meet breakfast.” I replied, “That’s right.”

Well she got to school on time. I, just a few minutes late for work; no biggie. But all day I pondered, If only we see God as our kids see us, worry, doubt, fear would be a thing of the past. My daughter trusted, had faith that I would get her to school at the right time. She didn’t keep whining at the delay. She just sat back and enjoyed the ride. Having faith that her mummy will do what’s best.

Then the verse came back to me; 

So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him.~ Matthew 7:11

The ride to school, is our process. We have to trust Him. Surrendering all navigation rights. And when doubt or worry comes, as it will, because the devil is busy– attack it with praise.  Praise Him through the Process and watch how fast you get to your destination.



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