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My Review~All I Ever Wanted by Francis Ray

francisaIn between my rewrites and editing of my own book I still find the time to get a good read in. After all, all good writers should be readers. I don’t limit myself to Christian fiction but read other books as well. In case you don’t know this about me, I’m a huge huge fan of Francis Ray. My husband often jokes that I should have share in her company with the amount of her books I have. Like many authors today she has a “family” called the Graysons. The Grayson’s also have friends which she writes about.

All I Ever Wanted is the eighth novel in her Grayson Friends series. It takes us through the romantic journey of Dr. Richard Youngblood and a woman who is trying to get over the emotional scars that come with being in an abusive marriage. The heroine Naomi has a young daughter, Kayla, who has taken to the good-looking doctor and you know the rest…she wants him for her daddy.

The story was nice and sweet. I think it was a bit slow but I stuck it out because as I said, I love this author. Its your typical man being patient with the lady because she has been through stuff. Other Graysons made appearances like Luke, Pierce, Brandon, Seirra and her handsome husband Blade.

Richard and Naomi’s story started with the first Grayson novel Until there was You( Luke & Catherine’s story). My only problem with this novel is that it was supposed to be a stand alone novel but inferences were made to Luke’s story that I couldn’t remember because that book was written more than 10 years ago.

The book set up her next novel: All I Ever Need; Lance & Fallon’s story

Overall..good book.