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New FREE Guide: Expectant Prayers For Christianpreneurs

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I have been working on a number of projects for my fiction and non fiction audience. Today, I’m introducing the first one to my non fiction audience otherwise known as my Christianpreneurs.

The Expectant Prayer Guide

Dear Christianpreneur, Praying persistently is acknowledgment of the reality that we have human needs God has answers to.
Persistent however shouldn’t be confused with repetition. Jesus frowned on empty worded prayers and encouraged persistence.
So how do we differentiate between the two? Repetition thinks that God is persuaded by how many times we “say it”. Like the kid who keeps asking “Are we there yet?” when they probably just left the house a minute ago.
Persistence however carry no empty phrases but are the authentic faith cry of our hearts born out of real relationship with God.
To expect answers we must pray persistent prayers of faith not empty words of repetition. Don’t let delay trick you into believing it means denial.

I cover this and so much more in the new resource I’m offering for Christianpreneurs. In this guide,  you’ll learn how to breakthrough the obstacles that hinder you from building a trust that will accept no denial. Learn how to seek and find the proper foundation for praying expectantly.

You’ll find…

1. Prayer & Your Business
2. Growing An Expectant Heart
3. Roadblocks To Prayer
4. Seven Point Model to Expectant Prayers
5. Action Plan & Activities

Download your copy today here

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