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Anchor Talk: Fear Series.

‭An anchor has one main job and that is to keep the boat steady. Through the storm, the highs and lows, the pain and gain the anchor keeps the boat steady… Grounded.
That is what HOPE does for us.
Just as the anchor can’t do its job from within the boat, but from the outside, we can’t rely on SELF for hope. Our hope comes from the Lord.
Do you want to know how to navigate the dark while you confidently await your expectation?

ear 2016
🙋🏾Join me on Anchor Talk as tackle various topics to empower, motivate, inspire and encourage you on.
⚓️For the past few weeks we’ve been talking about fear. Click the bio to listen in.



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  1. I’m really getting so much from these podcast, the fear series is outstanding. Day by day I’m getting better and better at feeling Good with me. God puts in your life the people and things needed to advance His kingdom I love Him.

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