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The Gloved One & His Search For Rest~ Five Years On

michael_jackson_014It was 5.15pm in the evening. After an hour and a half drive back home, all I wanted to do was quickly finish my evening chores, put my infant daughter to sleep and get a little me time. What a day it had been. Farrah Fawcett the cutest Charlie’s Angel ever, had lost her fight with her cancer. I felt bad for the love of her life, Ryan O Neal. I was eager to watch E! knowing there would be  all night coverage of her know stuff I had missed since I was working.

I entered the house with the diaper bag on one shoulder and my infant daughter in my arm. I bent down to pick up the remote, not wanting to miss an ounce of Farrah’s coverage. When what I saw caused me to go still. My heartbeat was rapid as I stood with my mouth ajar. I was in shock. The baby nearly slipped from my hand as I scrabbled to put her in the playpen. This can’t be? How? When? Then I was not a “Facebokian’ and neither did I care for Twitter or any of those things that sucked the life out of you. After I heard Farrah’s news that was it for me. I was totally in the dark all day. I flipped through every available channel holding my breath that CNN got it wrong. “THE KING OF POP MICHAEL JACKSON DEAD” What??? How??? When??? Where???

I slipped down in front of the television and watched the news coverage in utter devastation. I like most of the world had grown up on MJ music, his life, his essence. He was the greatest singer and performer of all time in my book. I loved when I saw him happy, hurt when I saw him sad. I was and still am the ultimate fan. Pop music has never been the same for me. He made an indelible impact on the world. The one talent he got from God, he used it well. In fact very well.

As I remember him five years later, I’m still so sad he is gone,but what I will never forget is that he died in a desperate need for sleep and rest from his worries. But he sought it the wrong way. My pastor is teaching us on REST this year. And I have come to realize that true rest can only be attained through GRACE & FAITH. Then again, he probably was at the end of his purpose and it was time to go. His untimely death is still shocking to me. But in his death, I remember to strive everyday to make an impact (big or small it’s mine). Bearing in mind that we are not promised tomorrow, so forgive those who offend you, love those who love( and even those who don’t), don’t waste time on things or people that don’t matter and live everyday with passion and purpose.

May his soul continue to rest in peace.

Do you remember where you were when you heard MJ died. What did you learn from his life or death?

Blessings Unoma

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  1. I love the thought of living with passion and purpose. Otherwise our journey will be a colourless one. I think I was at home when I heard MJ had died. I remember what a craze there was when i was in school over him. Badges, folders, notebooks. Everything had his face on them.

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