No Qualifications Necessary

ImageHey there!

Woke up really early today. Unusual for a Saturday…the house was quiet except the humming of the fridge. It provided a soothing sound. Love my me time in the morning.

So I made the perfect cup of coffee and sat down to enjoy the word. I just looked at the Bible, “What to read, what to read?” Well I decided on the book of Samuel. I’m not going to talk about the Hannah story, or the Philistines taking the Ark of the Lord but King Saul.

So here is my Saturday Seed that I hope you will plant in your heart as we move into this new month of February.

Saul didn’t have to do anything when he was chosen by God to rule over Israel. God chose him, qualified and equipped him with everything he needed.(The glory was upon him)
Then he began to think it was by his works, so he became impatient and did things his way, disobeying God.Thus his kingdom had to come to an end.(1 Samuel 10-13).

As my pastor would say, the world has taught us that we have to earn what we get. But In Christ, God gives us unmerited favor.

The Lord who began a good work will finish it. #Trust #Believe



It’s Superbowl Weekend!! Who are you rooting for?

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