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ironingThrough writing my hope is to encourage others, remind others that there is  hope through Christ Jesus for any situation you’re facing. But it’s not because I got it all together, oh that’s far from it. I love to do it because writing is therapeutic for me and in ‘penning’ words of encouragement for others, I most definitely encourage myself. I remind myself to hold on to what I believe, drawing from my spirit and not the mind which we know is a battlefield.

As such when I hear something that I know will bless you as it has blessed me, I like to share. Anything at all, whether it comes from a man or woman of God, from TV or the Holy Ghost put it in my spirit through the word of God. I believe in sharing. Enjoy this short piece I heard on Sunday and I hope it blesses you like it blessed me.

Note: I made it into a short narrative for effect. Enjoy!

“Ebi, Ebele. It’s six am, oh. I dont want to hear stories with this interview again.”  her step mother screamed from the bottom of the stairs

O Lord deliver me from this woman oh, “Ma… I’m awake.” Ebele screamed. With the generator on full blast outside, she wanted to make sure her step mother heard her. This was getting tiring. She had been out of school for three years now, finished Youth Service two years ago. Yet no job, no car, no house, no man. She was still staying with her parents and somehow her step mother had converted her to the maid. This was the height of see finish. The annoying part of it was that she was a member of every church organization and prayer meeting there was. Just yesterday, she came back from seeing one woman of God somewhere in Aba.

“God, I don’t know how much I can take.  I’ve become the ridicule of this house and my friends. Hear my prayer now,” Ebele muttered underneath her voice.She made her way to closet, to pick out the outfit she would wear for another day of job hunting. She pulled out her black pant suit. The matching tan shirt with black podka dots, she normally wore with it was severely wrinkled. But it was her favorite.

Ebele plugged the iron, set the temperature just right,–not to hot–enough to get all the wrinkles out. She had to look her best and this blouse was part of that effort. She heard good things about this place she was going to interview at this morning.

As she placed the iron on the shirt, the shirt screamed( yeah you heard on) “Ah, ah Ebele, do you want to burn me?”

” What are you talking about?” Ebele asked her shirt as she placed the iron on the another part of  the shirt.

“I’m talking about this iron, its hot,” her shirt replied.

“I know that, but don’t you see how wrinkled you are? I need to straighten you out to prepare you for where we are going,” she said.

” But I’m the one feeling the pain, and I’m telling you its hot.”

” Stop complaining. Don’t you know you are the most expensive shirt I have. I know what I’m doing.  I know the material you are made of , as such  I set the temperature just right. I wont let you burn. I know what you can withstand, and what you would be too much. But I need to apply just enough heat and pressure to get you ready for where I’m taking you to. Do you understand me?”

“Yes I do. I trust you and will not complain anymore. You know what’s best for me.”  The shirt didn’t say another word. Then it dawned on her. Ebele picked up her towel and walked to the bathroom. She looked up to the heavens and said,”I get it Lord.”


God knows what you’re made of. If He brought you to it, He will bring you through it. Trust Him and hold on.



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