Second Shot

Theirs is a love like no other, it deserves a lifetime of chances.

Hakeem Richardson
One night with the boys and I make the biggest mistake of my life.
Let’s take things slow… I mean, how was I to take care of her?
We did have a plan, but memories from the past caused me to panic.
Before I could retract my statement, she fell off the face of the earth.
Six years later, I’m where I want to be, but my heart holds a void.
Until I walk in on another deal…
I see it in her eyes, she thinks she’s getting away, but I demand a second chance. Our love deserves another chance.

Mariama Niang
He asked and I obliged.
I gave him my heart without hesitation.
We had the two most glorious years of my life.
With one statement, he jerked me out of our fairytale and left me with a broken heart.
Now, he wants a second chance
One I can’t afford to give,
At least not until I reveal who lies between us
Once the truth is out, I doubt he’ll want his second chance
So until then…my heart remains with me.

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