His Makeshift Fiancée

A serendipitous encounter
A relentless press
A makeshift plan

In anticipation of retirement, NBA point guard, Cheta “Nyce” Kalu is on a mission to clench an opportunity very few have been able to. For that to happen, he needs to clean up the rebellious reputation he’s known for. All is going well until it isn’t. Just when Cheta thinks he’s on the right path, he’s thrown off course by an ironic twist of fate.
In the eyes of her parents, nothing Reign Davis does can erase her teen mistakes. The opportunity to partner with Blackwell Hospitality, a reputable Black brand might do the trick. That’s until she gets caught in some drama, she didn’t see coming.
A kismet mix-up merges their paths in a way neither of them expects. Now, they must agree on a makeshift arrangement to achieve what they both want. Will they be able to trust each other long enough to see it through?

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