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Available Dec 3rd, 2014!!!

Scoop of Love cover

Forced to step into the shoes of his absentee father at the age of eleven, Rasheed Danjuma became a driven man. His thirst for vengeance made him pursue success at all costs. He was determined to be more of a man than his father ever was.

After a devastating break up, Ibiso Jaja decided she was done with men and their baggage. It was going to be all business as she focused her attention on managing her bistro.

Love was nowhere on the radar for these two but a scoop of it might just make them mix business with pleasure.


Now Available. Amazon Barnes & Noble

When You Let Go cover3An answered prayer. An unforeseen betrayal. A family healed by grace.

Amara and Ejike Dike had been married for six glorious years. Despite the odds, they loved each other and God with a passion that burnt deep. A suprise guest threatens their happiness and turns their beauty into ashes.

Faced with the loss of all she holds dear, Amara finds herself at crossroads. Would she lean on God’s sustaining grace to let go and travel the rocky path to forgiveness? Or would she throw everything to the wind and walk away?

When You Let Go is a novel about people who know what the Word of God instructs but struggle with actually doing it when the chips are down.

Read more  here and visit my Pinterest page here to se the book in pictures.

Read USA Today HEA’s review of my debut novel; An Unexpected Blessing

Available Now! Amazon Barnes & Noble


This spell binding and inspiring novel weaves deception, cultures and the intrigue of love for a romantic journey that spans two continents and challenges the cornerstone of faith. When Feranmi’s parents decide it’s time for their daughter to get married, they have the perfect man for the job. Is being single a crime? Why will her parents not let this rest? When she was ready to get married she’ll do the picking. Her parents are coming to the U.S for a visit, so she comes up with the perfect plan to deceive them into believing she is in a committed relationship. Luckily, Alex an old friend, is willing to play the part but on one condition….

Read more here and visit my Pinterest page here to see the book in pictures.

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My Musings~ I share my thoughts, challenges, encouraging pieces and anything you can think of. Please join the conversation

BecomingRuth~ Based on the story of Ruth and her journey toward her Boaz. Enjoying one’s ‘singledom’ is a topic near and dear to my heart. I have been in the ‘waiting’ arena so I know what I’m talking about..

Book Reviews~ I literally fall in love with a good book. I’m a romantic at heart and love Christian romance. Not too churchy but just right. Want to know what I’m reading?

The Writing Journey~ Want to know anything and everything about how I got started? Read it here. I might whine some times but its all good. I also share articles that help me along the way

My Shorts~ Sometimes I write short stories..why? Just because..

 Come along with me as we navigate my imperfect life while loving and serving my perfect God!

Blessing Always


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27 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Great blog. I will enjoy reading the stories here. Best.

  2. Hi Unoma, Congrats on your upcoming book. Is your book available on Kindle?

    • Hi! Thanks for visiting my online home. My book will be available on Kindle when it is released worldwide Aug 6th. I could remind you if you don’t mind. Thanks for the support.

  3. Just read the sample from your book… Good work… waiting to read the full story. keep writing.

  4. Johnbull said:

    Awesome job Unoma

  5. Well done, Unoma. Looking forward to reading your book. Interesting site. Please stop by at mine when you can. Cheers. http://www.unyimeivymusings.com.

  6. Great job-) i love this book already, just by reading the synopsis

  7. I’m so eager to read these books, but how do we get them if we can’t buy from Amazon? Is there a way to buy a pdf version?

    • Hello Hannah, Thank you for your interest in my work. My first novel would be in Patabah Book Store in Lagos before the end of the year.The other book is e book only, so I’m still working on that part.

  8. coming along

  9. Coming…

  10. Hi unoma,
    Im still reading an unexpected blessing…. its really interesting and engaging. I find myself smiling at feranmi… i think we are kinda similar. Lol
    Good job on that book.
    When is Amarachi debuting?

    • Hi Nike,
      Thank you for your support of my work! I’m glad you are enjoying An Unexpected Blessing. Feranmi’s story is one that many can relate too. Amarachi would be available by the end of Spring.

  11. ur email add pls…is der a place i can read ur books nd articles for free??

  12. Nneka Okpuno said:

    Hi.How can I get your books?I live in Asaba,Delta State and I love Christian romance.

    • Hi Nneka,
      Thanks for your inquiry. When it is available there I will be sure to let you know. Is there any bookshop there you can recommend?

  13. Thanks for the autographed copy. Such privileges don’t come all the time. Will start reading it as soon as i settle inflight. Interesting synopsis so far.

  14. Hi Unoma, I just finished reading your book Unexpected blessing. I loved it and it was so good. I would love to read your other books but they are not available on kobobooks. Will you have on Kobobooks soon?

    • Hi Mbuyi,
      Thank you so much for the compliment. I’m glad you enjoyed the book. As of now my other books are not on Kobo, only on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and print as well. You know you can download the Kindle App on your PC and still read the books in case you don’t have a Kindle.
      Thanks Again!
      Please consider leaving a review on Amazon and I will work on getting the other titles on Kobo

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