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Sample Sunday: This is Crazy

Hey! Happy Sunday.

A couple of days ago, I revealed the cover of A Suitable Wife. I believe you’ll enjoy this one last hurrah with the Kalu family as much as I am enjoying writing it. Who am I kidding? I know we might see them again in cameos but for now, this is their last hurrah.

Enjoy today’s sample from Zola’s POV. I did my best to eliminate spoilers but bear in mind that this is an unedited scene and subject to change.

I couldn’t believe what my parents were telling me. My eyebrows drooped and my eyes darted between my dad, seated at his mahogany desk, and my mom standing next to him. I was growing increasingly dissatisfied with the conversation. Surely this wasn’t why they had called me here? I stood up, walked over to the wall, and leaned against it while making sure not to disturb the painting as I did so. Folding my arms across my chest, I waited turned back to them.
“Zola did you hear me?” my dad asked.
His tone was low, the desperation evident but my gaze remained on the large gold W, emblazoned on the desk.
“Darling, your father needs this. The family needs—”
“Mom, I know that but what you’re asking of me is—”
“Baby girl, all I’m asking, is for you to use your relationship with the man to ask if he will reconsider…”
“But dad, that’s just it. I have no relationship with him. Despite the stories the blogs and internet continue to speculate on, Jidenna and I are not anything.” I flailed my arms. “I teach his daughter dance and that’s it.” I explained for like the third time since I’ve gotten here.
The driver was waiting at the airport to pick me up and take me home, but instead he brought me to downtown Luxe Noir Bay. The building that housed Westbrook Equity Group to be exact. I had an inkling something was up when I stepped through the large oak wood door of my dad’s office on the top floor. When my mom appeared by his side, pushing imaginary lint off his gray suit jacket, it confirmed my suspicions. But nothing prepared me for what they wanted me to do.

“Zola, it can’t be that bad. We saw pictures of the two of you at the gala and again when his cousin won the basketball championship. Neither of you looked like enemies,” my mother said.
“I’m not saying we are.” I turned to my father. “Daddy, explain this to me again. How?”
My dad stood and moved in front of his desk. Despite his worry, his gait was as confident and as regal as it’s always been. He leaned on it and stretched his hand out for my mother who promptly took it. They were so nauseatingly Black love~ish. Their united front was something I always admired but right now I wished one of them could see through my eyes that this was crazy.

A Suitable Wife releases June 2nd. Preorder your copy on any major platform here.

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Peace & blessings.


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  1. I can’t wait. The suspense is wracking my brain. What is it that Zola’s parents want her to do? C’mon book release Day!

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