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#TeaserTuesday: The One That Got Away

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The Suitors & Sweethearts Box Set is now available. Today I’m sharing an excerpt from another contributing author, Zee Monodee


Lost in her thoughts, she rounded a corner of the hall, slamming into someone’s side. Disoriented and dizzy with confusion at the jolting oomph of impact against a solid form, she stumbled, losing control of her legs. The walls moved up rapidly, but a strong pair of hands grabbed her arms before the back of her head hit the floor.
“Bon sang, mademoiselle! Où courez-vous comme ça?” a rich, deep masculine voice asked in the sharp yet lilting accent of white French-Mauritian natives.
Where are you running to, miss? she figured out from her rusty French.
Away from you. Something inside her acknowledged the danger before she could process his words. She knew that voice. Her head spun again, yet her mind remained so very alert.
Could it be …? No, it couldn’t.
Her brain had to be playing tricks on her. The sound with its particular accent belonged to the very distant past. How was she hearing it at this moment? Had she fainted?
That’s it. She wasn’t conscious, and since she’d probably worked herself to exhaustion, the condition had triggered all sorts of switches in her muddled consciousness.
The image of the man from the airport burned itself into her mind, and she gasped. No!
“Is everything okay?” The chuckle had gone from the tone, replaced by worry.
Solid strength still held her ribcage, the back of the hands warm and smooth where they touched her arms. Their heat went to her head, churning all coherent thought into a jumble.
Your eyes won’t betray you. They’ll see the truth.
She risked a glance up beneath her lashes. She had to be certain. To know if this was all a trick of her imagination …
A tall form with broad shoulders outlined in a short-sleeved shirt filled Lara’s vision. The lapels of the opened collar framed a strong jaw, and a wide mouth was set in a worried line above a square chin. A fine, straight nose sat above those sensual lips.
She had to gulp back the ominous lump wedged in her throat. Her heart hammered in her chest, and her mouth went dry. Her suspicions looked dangerously close to being confirmed, and the nagging notion played havoc with her thoughts. She closed her eyes.
When she opened them, she found herself staring into a pair of blue irises. A blinding flash went through her head, plunging her heart to her knees. She’d recognize those irises anywhere. Deep-set, bright, and laughing eyes the colour of the deepest ocean. The heavy, golden locks brushing his forehead accentuated the frown knitting his eyebrows.
Locks that had somehow broken free from the thick, brushed-back hair. She itched to sweep them back, to run the tips of her fingers along his smooth skin, like she used to in the past, onto the soft buzz of hair he used to keep so short.
Her mind went into a crazy spin, and all her senses reeled as everything became a vivid kaleidoscope of colours. Her stomach heaved, and her knees went weak as her body became limp.






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