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Sample Sunday: I’m Not That Broke

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Today is the anniversary for one of my favorite couples in the U. N Universe. Ayanti & Mensah. They are an unlikely pair.

He’s a pastor of Calvary Is The Way church. Headquartered in Accra with a branch in Atlanta.

She’s an embattled popstar who’s reeling from pain the church and man has caused her.

Will the good pastor be the one to help her see the redemptive love of God. Enjoy an excerpt. In this scene, the pair go out to lunch because the staff at the church forced the pastor to “ask” Ayanti for a favor.

“It’s one of those God calling then qualifying me kind of things. I didn’t set out to be a pastor. Growing up, all I wanted to do was own a photo gallery. I love taking pictures…”
“Aha! Now that’s something Google won’t tell me. So what’s stopped you?”
“Nothing. It’s just on pause for now. I love pastoring and helping people of God get over obstacles standing in the way of them meeting their highest potential in the kingdom of God.”
Ayanti nodded her head in understanding. “Delayed dreams, I get that.”
That was one dream. If they didn’t have a miracle for Valentine’s Day, he would have no dream at all. The church’s financial problems came back to the forefront of his mind.
“So out with it. What were you being cajoled into asking me?”
Mensah signaled the waiter for the check.
Ayanti covered the side of her face and turned to the window. Mensah had gotten used to her pulling down her hat or putting her hand on the side of her face to hide herself.
“It’s nothing you need to worry about.”
“I’m not worried. I just want to know.”
Mensah pushed his plate away from him. “Honestly, I don’t feel comfortable asking for your help. I know you’ve had a difficult few month and I don’t need to be adding my problems to your –”
“Let me decide if I want to add your problems to my problems. What is it? You’re a pastor. It’s a church. How bad can it be?”
Mensah let out a deep breath and frowned for a minute wondering if he should she tell Ayanti about the committee’s request.
“Come on. Spill it.”
“The church needs $600,000 or we’ll be evicted.” Mensah told her the whole story that led to the trouble they now faced.
“Wow. That’s messed up.”
“Tell me about it. This gala is supposed to raise money to add to what we’ve already saved. The ladies have done a great job putting the things together with the budget we have, but when they got wind of you being around, they thought putting you on the bill as entertainment for the night would increase sales and donations.”
While he spoke, Mensah saw the lines on her forehead deepen in an intense frown.
“You’ve been so kind to me, but I’d rather find a way to help you guys with the money needed,” she finally said.
“Didn’t you just tell me you’re broke?” Mensah countered.
“Not that broke.”
“But broke enough.”
“Then we can find another way.” She started to scroll through her phone.
He observed her. “For curiosity’s sake, why are you so against singing? Isn’t it what you do?”
“Not in a church.”
“First, this isn’t a church. It’ll be in a banquet hall. But more importantly, what do you have against singing for the Lord?” His annoyance at his attraction to a woman who clearly took her church hurt out on Jesus reflected in his voice.
“I’m not against it. I just don’t want to do it. There’s a difference.”
“Enlighten me.”
“I sing pop – not gospel.”

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