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Sample Sunday: Your Sister Is My Concern

Hey there! Happy Sunday. Tomorrow Rasheed & Ibiso Danjuma will celebrate their anniversary and today, I’ll be sharing a sample from their book…A Scoop of Love. Enjoy!

Although they were cordial, Rasheed had a knowing feeling that before he left tonight, he and Ibiso’s brother would have a talk. A much needed one.
After dinner, Ibiso declined his offer to help with clean up. Her mother helped her instead. As they walked to the living room, Sodienye asked if he wanted to have a tour of the compound.
“Sure,” Rasheed replied. It was the perfect cover for a man-to-man talk.
Moments later, they were walking down the short trail that led to a garden on the other side of the house. Once they were at a safe distance, Sodienye turned to him.
He stuffed his hands in his pockets. “I don’t believe in circling the car park.”
Rasheed folded his arms across his chest. “Me neither.”
“Good, that’s something we both agree on. Now let’s hope we can agree on something else.”
Rasheed titled his head. “Which is?”
Sodienye’s expression hardened. “Ibiso’s happiness. My sister is clearly smitten by you, and she loves hard. If anywhere in your subconscious, you’re not sure about her, then I suggest you make a clean break with her, now rather than later.”
Rasheed’s nose flared in agitation. Sodienye had just implied he was somehow like Tokoni. “Smitten belittles what we share.”
“What do you share? What exactly are your intentions?”
Rasheed was not about to bare his soul to her brother when he hadn’t told her how he felt first. And that was because he wanted to be sure. He didn’t want to hurt any woman the way his dad had hurt his mother.
“My intentions are honorable, and we share something very special,” Rasheed said in a tone of voice that gave an indication of finality. The only person he owed any other explanation was Ibiso.
“While I appreciate your protectiveness as her brother, since I met your sister, her happiness has been my number one priority.”
Sodienye observed him for a while. “Okay Danjuma, I promised my sister I would let up. But hear this, I let her ex get away with what he did to her, but it won’t happen a second time. I’m entrusting her to you.” He stretched out his hand for a handshake.
Rasheed gave him a slow smile and accepted his peace offering. “You won’t be sorry.”
An odd feeling came over him as he came to the realization that he would do the same for Halima given the chance. He made a mental note to call and check on her in the morning.

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Enjoy a sample from one of the stories!

Heavy footfalls caught her attention as another group trooped up behind them. She recognized the trio of men led by their own guide—they’d left them at the hotel. How had they climbed so fast?
She’d never been one to go fan-crazy, but her first sight of Bizzy, ingeniously pronounced Busy, one of the most fascinating hiplife artists to catch her ear, had left her speechless. The musical genre blended Ghanaian culture with hip hop beats.
Being in the same room with him had had her hands trembling while her heart beat out of sync. Her face had most certainly turned all shades of reddish brown with the effort it had taken not to bounce up and down while screaming.
Not even seeing him in concert several times through the course of his career had caused such a reaction. Watching his videos captivated her like no other musician ever had. Not that she spent much time gawping at his tall, muscular body as he did things with his hips that had saliva easing out the side her mouth. Once. It had happened just once.
He’d winked at her when their gazes had caught and held in the hotel lobby. Hadn’t it been enough that her belly had done some kind of crazy flip and she’d gotten dizzy? She’d transformed into a flirtatious, bold woman as her eye had repeated the motion. Never in her thirty years had she winked at a man.
During the brief interaction, she’d wanted to run to him and gush about his music and then ask for a picture with him, of him, near him.
It hadn’t happened. She’d taken the coward’s way and swiped the smile off her face and endeavoured to put on an aloof air with her head high and shoulders thrust back. So what if that move had made her breasts lead her out the door and his eyes had fallen to them?
It wasn’t the Ghanaian way to throw oneself all over stars.
First of all, it created way bigger egos than they needed. Second, she wasn’t a groupie trying to get into his bed. Although thinking about what those hips could do made her want to reconsider the stupidity of not introducing herself to him. Who didn’t like having fans?
Not that she’d know. Her life revolved around teaching languages and doing research for her PhD. No fandom there.
The tall, broad-shouldered man possessing brown eyes with the clarity of a Malta Guinness glass bottle caught her attention while still a few feet below her. His decadently full lips rose at the corners, revealing white teeth that contrasted with the richness of his russet-brown skin. Judging by how his eyes narrowed as his cheeks pushed them up, his smile must be genuine.
She couldn’t breathe for a different reason other than climbing the wretched mountain.

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