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Sample Sunday: The King of Ultimatums

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Today’s sample is from the #Backlist The Final Ultimatum. Every once in a while, I get asked about the Marriage in trouble troupe. Abayomi & Olanma are that couple. After a whirlwind romance and a fairytale wedding, they are in dire need of some help or divorce court they go.

In this scene, Abayomi just got served divorce papers and his best friend Tunji happens to stop by…Enjoy.

“I read an article about Obinze Oil & Gas laying lines on the outskirts of Lagos. Obinze Oil needs that same land for gas lines that you’re trying to build on.” Tunji paused. “I bet it’s your wife delaying your people from breaking ground.”
Abayomi stood. “You’re kidding.” The name Obinze Oil irritated his eardrums. It was the largest Oil & Gas Company in Africa, and it was owned by his father-in-law. It was the reason he lived in L.A., and his wife lived a thousand miles away in Lagos, Nigeria. She ran the company for her father.
“So, you mean you and Ola have ceased all contact? You really don’t know what’s going on?”
Abayomi remained silent. It was a sad situation. Olanma had changed her phone number and blocked his emails.

“I just had an idea. You and Ola haven’t told the family you’re separated, right?” Tunji continued.
Abayomi remained silent.
“Your grandfather’s health is bad. Zara is getting married in Cape Town… you see where I’m going?” Tunji’s tone lifted in excitement.
Zara, Abayomi’s sister, was set to marry her fiancé, Terrance, in a week. She had been dead set on getting married in Lagos but changed the venue of the wedding to Cape Town after he confessed to her about the dire state of his marriage.
“You’re the king of ultimatums so why not issue one last one, and pray to God it works,” Tunji chuckled.
“I can’t keep trying to manipulate Ola. I need her to want to work this out because she still loves me and believes in our marriage.” He paused. “Not because I forced her.”
“Well, I’m glad you’ve learned your lesson, but you sound like a sick puppy. Are you willing to risk her saying no to whatever you come up with? Time is running out. You need one final ultimatum,” Tunji said.
The truth in his words made Abayomi perk up. “I’m listening…”

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