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Sample Sunday: You Made Your Point

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Happy Sunday. Did you know I have a new book out? If you didn’t no worries and no time like the present to get it. I’m sharing another sample today. Readers are in love with Mustafa and Zaina and I’m sure you’ll be too. Check them out…

Zaina turned her eyes to Mustafa, her bottom lip caught between her teeth. He observed her nerves but waited for her answer. He squeezed her thigh, and she returned her eyes to Yasmine.
“Yes, I’ll be there.”
“Good. I’ll get the full gist then,” Yasmine said.
“Yasmine,” he warned.
“Mustafa,” she echoed.
Zaina looked between the two of them. Something between a smirk and confusion laced her expression.
“I got to go. You look really good, Zay. See you soon.” Yasmine disconnected the call.
Zaina stared at him. “Are you going to tell me what that was about?”
He played with her hair. “It was nothing.”
A crease formed on her forehead. “Don’t let me walk into anywhere blind, Musa.”
He narrowed his eyes, palmed her chin to draw her face closer, their noses almost making contact. “Do you think I’d ever do that?”
Mustafa heard her breath hitch, the rise and fall of her chest increased. He loved the effect he had on her. It mirrored the one she had on him, which she wasn’t aware of yet. She remained silent and tried to get her lips to touch his. Mustafa leaned back.
“Answer me.”
“No,” she whispered.
“Then don’t teach me how to protect you.” He cupped the back of her head. Steadying her, his lips found hers and his tongue forced entrance into her mouth. The need to possess her suddenly overtook him when she questioned his ability to keep her safe. The explosion of their battling tongues sent his heart racing. Zaina tried to break their contact, but he wouldn’t allow it until he got his fill. Her hands pushed slightly against his chest, prompting him to let her go. Her eyes blazed through him. They locked eyes in an unspoken battle of wills.
“You made your point,” she whispered.
“Good. Don’t let it happen again.”

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