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Anniversary + Sample + Giveaways

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The last time we chatted was at the beginning of the year. We almost in another month, so I thought I’d check in. Well, that and I have some goodies to give away. But first…

Today, the first Danjuma couple is celebrating an anniversary. Ibiso & Rasheed are a U.N Universe favorite and live in Abuja, Nigeria.

Rasheed & Ibiso come with a lot of baggage but when the pair decide to let down their guard, a deadly sabotage takes place. In a fight against old demons, Rasheed must decide on whether to surrender to the light of God’s love or hold on to the vows he made as a youth. If you haven’t met them, you can do so here

From Abuja, Nigeria, we head to Tweede Kans Cove in Morocco where we have the DuBois- Arazis. In March, the second book in the family novels, Destiny Fulfilled releases. Today, I’m sharing a small snippet.

Zaina turned to see Yasmine with a gorgeous dark chocolate man draped over her. Grandma Olly came in from behind them and proceeded to sit in what Zaina now knew was her favorite chair. The kids quickly abandoned their fact-finding mission and ran to the older woman.
“Hey Yasmine. It’s so good to see you,” Zaina said.
“Baby, move let me say hi to the woman who’s had my brother MIA,” Yasmine giggled. Brushing off her husband whose face was nuzzled the crook of her neck, Yasmine walked over. After the women engaged in a warm hug, Yasmine made the introductions. “Zaina, this rude one over here is my husband, Kojo. Baby…Zaina. You can deduce who she is by the possessive look on my brother’s face.”
“The next time ‘let me help Yas with something really quick’ turns into all that noise, I’m leaving your children to fend for themselves,” Omar fussed.
“O, man. Shut up. I haven’t seen my wife in days,” Kojo said. Kojo turned to Zain and bowed his head slightly. “It’s nice to meet you, Zaina.”
“And who’s fault is that? I left dinner to look after these two while you guys…”
“Enough,” Mustafa groaned. Kojo snickered and dapped Mustafa.
Yasmine chuckled and kissed both her brothers on their cheeks. “Zaina, you sure you wanna deal with this?”
Zaina chuckled. “I’ve seen worse.”

A promise Fulfilled is where the DuBois-Arazis began. You can read Yasmine & Kojo’s story, here. Destiny Fulfilled featuring Mustafa & Zaina releases soon. Preorder here.

Lastly, a few of my friends and I are doing a giveaway. Enter with the link, I’m sure there are some you haven’t read.
Mr. Darius Gray is part of the gang.
Enter here.

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