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2021: The Wrap Up

Hey there!

We have come to the end of another year. Thankful.

My word for the year was FOCUS. I think I’ve done a pretty good job of doing just that. In previous years, I kind of swayed from left to right skeptical of some of the decisions I made or procrastinating against making them at all.

This year was kind of the year I did a lot of wrapping up and revisiting. Strangely enough I’m ending it with the introduction of a new family.

February, I wrapped up the Invisible Shackles series with To Breathe Again

April, I wrapped up the Billionaire Pact series with Pretend Bae

Then I took a long break. Well not exactly, I wrote Destiny Fulfilled, however I didn’t release it. Finished too close to the holidays, so decided to set it aside for the time being. It will by God’s grace be the first release of 2022. It’s available for preorder now.

November, I decided to revisit the Danjumas for Christmas in Mixed Tidings. It was an unexpected surprise to revisit the first family and I’m grateful I was able to do it for my readers. They loved it.

Finally, today, I released a New Year’s short, New Year’s Kiss. This story introduces a family that has been brewing since late 2020. The Kalu family will release by God’s grace in the Away to Africa series in Spring/Summer of 2022.

I want to take this time to wish you all a Happy New Year. Thank you to all my readers, bloggers, reviewers, supporters & peers.

I pray the new year is kind to you, and free of difficulties. I pray you and your family remains safe and at peace. I pray a blessing of your heart’s desires according to the will of the Father. In Jesus name. Amen.

Peace & Blessings


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