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Sample Sunday : A Family Affair

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Happy Sunday! If you’re a newsletter subscriber or follow me on social media, you know that I have a Christmas novella coming to you. Yes! I moved the release of Destiny Fulfilled to next year and decided to write Mixed Tidings : A Danjuma Christmas. Yes, the first family of the U. N Universe is back this Christmas.

Instead of a full sample, I’ve gonna give little snippets from some scenes. Also Then & Now Picture of the siblings.

Rasheed & Ibiso

Ibiso didn’t turn around, neither did she make eye contact through the mirror. Rasheed closed the door and entered further with measured steps. His eyes darted to the corner. There was a pile of tealights, rose petals and the bouquet he had delivered. His eyes returned to her. The tightness of her jaw confirmed his suspicion. She was furious. He still couldn’t help the effect she had on him as his eyes roamed her body.
“I thought you were off today?” He knew the answer to the question but needed to gauge the damage.
“Yep. But I took a few last-minute consultations.” Her words were void of emotion.
“So, you’ll be gone all day?” He walked closer to the dresser.
“Yep.” She leaned into the mirror and applied her lipstick.
“I thou—”
“You thought wrong.” She turned to him and raised her hand. “I’m trying not to sin. So, I beg you, don’t come in here with a story that’ll make me lose it.”

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Jabir & Damisi

She tossed the dish towel on the island. “You work on the physical heart, but I work on hearts too. In a spiritual way. Your job–.”
“Baby, I’m sorry.”
“That doesn’t mean anything to me if you keep doing it.”
“That’s not fair. I—”
“I’m tired. Get your kids to finish preparing dinner with you. I’m going to soak in the tub.”
His eyes bugged in shock as Damisi left the kitchen. He lifted his hands over his head. He needed to find a way to get back into her good graces. They leave for Abuja in the morning to join his brothers and their families. Spending the holidays in turmoil wasn’t an option for him

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Kamal & Ebele

Marching over to their king-sized canopy bed. He lifted the covers and slid in. He pulled Ebele closer to him. She stirred but didn’t wake.
He moved his hands down her hips to her bare thighs. “E, baby, wake up. Come on, E…” He whispered. “Babe, you sleep sleep?”
She lifted her shoulder to shove him off. “Kam, I’m tired.”
“Come on, E.”
“Kam, stop, ah. Didn’t you hear I’m tired?”
The bass in her voice angered him. He sat up, leaned to the side, and turned on the bedside lamp. He tapped her. “Get up…”

Come on, this is Kammy. It was so hard to find a non spoiler snippet for him. I cant give away his beef…LOL.

I’ll leave Halima & Ekene to your imagination. You don’t want want to miss this. Coming Black Friday! Preorder today.

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  1. I’m not going to miss this one. I ❤️🖤💚 Christmas Novellas 😊
    This teaser was great it seems everyone is still together and the women are still standing strong when it comes to the men.
    I can’t wait, preorder done.

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