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Danjuma Family Meeting… A Redeemed Through Love Teaser

“Dan uwa na.”
“Nope. Don’t do that. Where have you been? Is that man telling you that you don’t need your brothers?” Kamal scoffed.
“Kam leave Hali alone,” Ebi yelled.
Halima giggled. “I love him too and never pay him any attention.”
“Is that Hali?” Ibiso yelled.
Great, that probably meant that Rasheed was close by.
“Yes, it’s her,” Kamal responded.
“Madam, didn’t you see my missed call?’ Ibiso asked, coming into view.
“Hey sis,” Halima said.
Ibiso narrowed her brows and whispered. “Don’t hey me. You asked for my cholate strawberry combo cake recipe so, I know you’re stressing. What is it? I hope it’s not that case o.”
Halima ignored her question. “Hold on don’t drop.” She walked to the living room, picked up her cell phone and dialed Damisi.
“Hello, Hali, are you okay? Your senior wife was just complaining barely an hour ago that she was trying to call you,” Damisi said, not giving her a chance to speak.
“Yea, she’s on WhatsApp now. By the way, that’s your senior wife. She’s my wife since my brother is married to her,” Halima teased.
“What do you want smart mouth?” Damisi asked.
Halima laughed as she walked back to the kitchen. “Is my brother there?”
“You don’t have his number?”
“I do but you’re more likely to answer your phone, so there.”
“You know I love you. Call him abeg.” Halima placed her cellphone on speaker next to her iPad and hurriedly removed the cake and her eggs from the oven.
“Ana, Ana, call your daddy. Tell him Aunty Hali is on the phone.”
Seconds later, Jabir joined. “Hey sis.”
“Hey you,” Halima greeted looking into her iPad. “SoSo is big bros there?”
“I’m here Halima. What’s going on? Are you okay?” Rasheed asked.
Halima inhaled and exhaled. “Okay now that I have all of you on…three weeks ago, I…..

©  Unoma Nwankwor 2019

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  1. Oh Lord why did you do me like that Unoma? What will Halima say? Why was everyone asking if she was ok, what happened? So many questions waaah!!!!!!

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