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Behind The Key

Freedom. Access. Liberation. Knowledge. Success……Love. These are some of the symbolism of the KEY. It’s main use is to open or lock wherever room it is designed for.

Like me I’m sure you’ve heard the romantic term “key to my heart.” It’s a metaphor for one person trusting the other completely to be able to hand over such a proverbial tiny instrument that gives them full access to the other’s heart. The Bible tells us to guard our hearts. That’s not just empty talk.

Most of us get it right the first time and give the right person the key but we all know that most of the time we never get it right the first couple of times. The problem lies when we’ve been so hurt that we hold on so tight or throw away the key for the next person who might just be the person God has ordained for us.

Behind this hurt lies other things like pride, unforgiveness, pain and bitterness. These things stop us from living and keep us shackled to the past. Such is the case with Itohan Adolo in my upcoming release To Live Again. Shackled by scars of the past, her trust was set up wrong. But what happens when Osaro enters unto the scene? Will his love be able to roar loader than her demons? Or will the shackles of her past keep her bound?

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2 thoughts on “Behind The Key”

  1. I absolutely enjoyed this post, there was a time I never would’ve thought I was a romantic. But in my old age yup I think I am.
    I use to just give my heart away without care, maybe because I didn’t realize it’s worth. But now not only do you have to work for it I have to trust that you won’t abuse it intentionally.
    The little I know about Itohan, I get it and I cannot wait to read your story.

    1. Thank you for your comment. You are spot on. The Bible tells us to guard our heart, with Itohan however her past experience made her build a wall around it. I cant wait for you to read her story

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