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Living With Expectancy by Ibiso Danjuma of Bisso Bites

Hey everybody!

Unoma has allowed me to talk to you all. Isn’t the Lord good. Okay so she wanted me to talk about living a life of expectancy. You know she is so passionate about living with the confident expectations in God’s promise. So, let me give you a little bit about me and how I came about living my life in expectancy. I was what you would call the prodigal daughter of my family. I come from a middle class family of four. I am the baby having an older brother that is over bearing but so loving. I was a daddy’s girl before he died and my daddy shielded me from the harshness of the world.

Then I strayed. I met a man who had my nose so wide open that I left my plans, my family  and followed him half way around the country without a ring on it. Who does that? Me that’s who. Well soon after, he up and left me. Kai! The shame ehn… I had to back track and by then, my mother and brother no longer had my time. My family was angry I left and brought disgrace to the family. Adding to that, my mother didn’t understand why I didn’t use my degree to get a reasonable job. She describes me as an ordinary cook. Well not any more. -)

Three years ago, I was lost. My mistakes made me bow my head in shame. But the Lord gives strength to the weary and power to the weak~ Ibiso Danjuma

After my set back I moved to a new city, Abuja and decided to open my own Bistro, anything you can think of Naija food, I’m an expert. Yep I’m tooting my horn, if I don’t who will? I cook other stuff but I love Nigerian food. Now let’s get to the crux of the matter. I had everything going well for two years, the Bistro called Bistro Bites was doing well. I was proud of myself and thankful to God for  a second chance. Then everything was at the brink of falling down the drain when I fell behind on the rent. My dreams, my passion, my second chance would be gone poof if I didn’t come up with N800,000. This is when expectancy came in….

Living with expectancy is the belief that God will do something. I didn’t know how  He would but I knew He would. I had the hope and faith that He would provide a way out for me. Why? Because He said it. Therefore every day I woke up and look to Him, he provided clients, He also allowed tests but through it all I stayed firm. I couldn’t fail the test, not again.  As I stayed in him and continued to look to Him, doing the assignment He sent me on, He showed up and showed out. On of such jobs that would give me some extra money to what I was saving up, I met my husband. Yep I didn’t know it then but the way we met could have wiped all hope from my face( You got to read the book to find out) In that moment, I could have given up but I didn’t. Little did I know God was up to something.

Ibiso Danjuma


Hi there! This is Unoma. What Ibiso said is so correct. Expectancy means you know He will do something. What it is, you have no idea but in His Sovereignty believe that whatever it is will be good. And Peter directed his gaze at him, as did John, and said, “Look at us.”  And he fixed his attention on them, expecting to receive something from them.  But Peter said, “I have no silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!” Acts 3 4-6

Key words from this verse , Look at us ( Always look to God)…He fixed His attention expecting to receive something good( He didn’t know what it was but he knew it would be good)  Rise and Walk( Silver and Gold would have been good too 🙂 ). I mean if he had it he could live more comfortably, but what he was given was what he needed. Have you read a Scoop of Love? Order your copy for just $1.99 here



4 thoughts on “Living With Expectancy by Ibiso Danjuma of Bisso Bites”

  1. Ibiso, from the moment I met you I’ve enjoyed your life story, yours only and then with Rasheed. We base a lot of things in our life on our standards nd sometimes forget about God’s principles (raising my hand because I’m guilty) Its ok that you ran off with someone, I believe you were being prepared for your life with Rasheed..LOL
    The divine intervention by Daddy had me grinning as I read because I knew He would do it from you. He doesn’t call us to things w/out preparing us for it. (I learnt that from Unoma) tee-hee. You must list to the podcast so you always remember to live and walk in expectancy…

    About your food, I enjoy a good meal, and I like different things. We have a restaurant here in Chicago which serves Senegalese food from West Africa. I’ve never been but I’ve looked at the menu. Are you familiar with Tiebu Djeun, Djolof rice and Nem? I enjoy vegetables and this meal was listed under veggies.
    If you can cook a vegetable meal what would it consist of?

    1. Hi Missy,
      Thank you for reading my post. Yea Unoma ralks a lot about that expectancy stuff. It took me a while not to have regrets but I now realize that because of that storm, I’m stronger and wiser.
      I’m not familiar with those dishes but I will definately check them out.
      The vegetable based food I like is Edikango it’s a soup we eat with pounded yam.

  2. Thank you for the inspiration Ibiso. We need to cultivate “hope” in this entrepreneurship journey. Some days are good, some days are “meh” and make me want to bury my head in the sand but I always go back to the promise that “my expectation cannot be cut off” neither “my hope disappointed” if I trust God while doing my part. 🤗

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