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Ep9:Why Not Now? Confidence In His Time

Hi there! It’s another Tuesday and as you know another episode of Anchor Talk is now available. Have you subscribed yet? Viewers are enjoying the quick burst if inspiration to help you glow and manifest your inner light, to help you navigate the dark places.

We are now on Episode 8 and we are starting a series on Confidence. Over the next three episodes we will be talking about;

  1. Confidence Vs. Confident Expectations
  2. Confidence in His Time
  3. Confidence in His Calling
  4. Confidence in His Plan.

A lot of people give up on their dreams and desires for a lack of confidence. Their feeling of unworthiness can stem from a lack of confidence in themselves or God’s calling, God’s plan, or His time.

Today we talk about Confidence in His Time

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Join me these next three episodes as we break down this worldly strongholds.

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1 thought on “Ep9:Why Not Now? Confidence In His Time”

  1. I’m with your daughter why not now? But I’m thankful as I grow in my journey just like you shared I’m learning the patience needed for things to come to fruition. Standing still and waiting on the Lord has never been more prevalent in my life as it is now.
    The stories shared by Unoma in this podcast can be any one of our stories. The nuggets of course are for all, but these anchor verse will keep you from week to week. This week
    Anchor verse Jeremiah 29:11

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