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3 Areas To Focus Confidence Journaling

Hey there!

I hope you enjoyed the interview with Detola Amure yesterday. If you didn’t read it you have to check it out here.

Today we’re talking about the 3 ways in which we can journal and intentionally focus our thoughts in confidence. The Light Pearls In The Dark : Confident Expectations Journal is a 40 day Journal. You could use it in one area for the 40 days or you could divide it up into different chunks. Today we’ll focus on using it in 15 day chunks by focusing on the 3 main areas below;


  1. Faith: When we lose confidence in God, we become easily swayed by our environment and this can lead us down a path that wasn’t intended for us from the beginning. Mainly into sin. Writing down your thoughts can help you see clearly where you need the help of the Holy Spirit and hone in on that area. Intentional focus on hope and the belief that all our trust placed in HIM will lead to a favorable end.
  2. Family: Write down areas in your family life in which you are expecting a move of God. Remember to be specific in your prayers. If you are married, for your husband and children should be your focus and extended family. If not then your nuclear and extended family. Remember, His word will not return void.
  3. Talents: I have “preached”on this blog many times on the importance of having confidence in the gifts God has given you and using them to hone your talents/passion for His purpose. Are you hesitant on using them out of a lack of confidence? Pray for courage. Just for you, I have attached my talk on Sound Cloud on Confidence In Your Gifts.

These are my recommendations. Tell me some of the things you need to journal intentionally for confidence in?

Don’t forget, you can get the Light Pearls In The Dark absolutely FREE if you pre-order In The Dark