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One Series. Ten Women. Amazing Testimony.

In pursuit of your passion. On your way to destiny. You sometimes, well more often than not, you gotta fly blind. These are those moments of uncertainty where you have no idea which direction you are supposed to go next. Neither do you know how long the darkness will last. What happens when you pray and you’re moving but nothing is happening?

Starting February, every other Monday, I will feature ten amazing women who have a great testimony to share. How did these ladies survive their flashlight moments when they could only see so far #InTheDark . These are women I admire a lot and when I reached out, they willingly answered my call. I can’t wait for you to know them better.


Through authenticity and transparency we are able to help others #GLOWIntheDark with #ConfidentExpectations in God. I love this quote by Rick Beneteau; It’s rather easy to shine in the light but to glow in the dark…that’s mastery.

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7 thoughts on “One Series. Ten Women. Amazing Testimony.”

  1. Exciting and between you and me; I go to work everyday not knowing because I’m in a new role and my manager is not a trainer. so I search the web and try not to bother her. Father thank you for being the head of my life and taking the wheel.

      1. Great I really have to stand on Hebrew 13:6. But initially I went to work in fear of making mistakes because I didn’t have the proper training. It amazes me that they know she is not a good trainer. I went to work nervous of being placed on a PIP. (Performance Improvement Plan)
        Now I fall on Scripture for God’s help.

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