10 Anchor Tips from the Olympics

So every four years rolls around and we get to witness the best from the best, new comers and those trying to maintain come and compete in the Olympic games. Each competition have a lost of valuable lessons I always learn from. Things that I can look back on and say “Well if they could do it, then I know I should keep the faith in my own area of expertise.

There have been some real inspiring moments and let’s discuss 10 things that we can glean from to keep us inspired.

3 consecutive 100M Olympic medals for Usain Bolt. Now if he does this for the 200M and 4by100M…a hattrick in back to back games.
No man ever! When he started, he couldn’t even afford shoes…he ran bare foot.

1. Don’t tarry in due season it will surely come to pass.

image (1)

Wayde Van Niekerk( newcomer from SA) won the 400 M tonight.
His win tonight was so amazing for me and here’s why…
He ran for so many who had the ability and excellence back in the day but because of Apartheid, only whites were allowed to represent the country internationally. His mother was one of those people.
Also, I sat in my living room listening to the commentators “decide” his destiny. One said “although he is good history is not in his favor cos he is in lane 8” (position).
Another said, “it’s not looking good because two others that are better than him are in the race”
He not only WON, he BROKE the WORLD RECORD that has been in place for 17 years.

2.God always has the final say.
3.Delayed is not denial.
4.Stay focused on YOU and YOUR process.
5.Do not let your fellow man/woman speak over what they think you can or cannot do.
6.Prove them wrong.


See them? They are brothers that made Irish history by winning a medal..not gold but a medal for the country. It was the country’s first medal EVER in rowing and it was Bronze.
The thing about them is they celebrated like it was a Gold medal… One of the brothers said “They are happy they got to wear their podium pants”
They prepared when everything looked bleak.Celebrated like they had won GOLD.They believed they would win, I mean they made podium pants!!

7.Be Faithful in little.
8.Be thankful for everything.
9.Believe in your come up.

All in all.

10. Never Give up no matter what.Keep yourself Anchored in Jesus. With that you can do anything

What were some of your favorite moments?



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