The Writing Journey

Writer Wednesday :Not a Good Writer?

It’s been a while I’ve done one of these. I’m gonna make an effort to be more consistent with my post on writing to offer encouragement. If you are not already, follow me on IG, I try and teach something new everyday.

If you’ve been part of my community for a while, you’ll know how strongly I feel about encouraging writers to just get to THE END. Anything that is on a paper can be fixed.
For me the most painful thing is the first draft and so I know that that is where you can get caught up or stuck.


My last book and my upcoming release took me a month each..4 weeks to get the first draft down. Years ago that would have taken me close to 12 weeks per manuscript, all because I kept fixing the manuscript instead of just getting to the END.

I live for rewrites, they are a beautiful thing. Wanna finish that book? Just get the story down.

Mine vice was always fixing the manuscript. What stops you from getting to the end? Drop me a comment let me know your thoughts. Also share you might be helping someone else in need.

Be Blessed.